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on May 19, 2015

In late April 2015 I caught a wild hare and decided to share my adventures in learning to live a more natural lifestyle with my friends and family using Facebook as my platform.  I knew many of my friends and family members didn’t get my crunchy granola tendencies and didn’t want to blow up their Newsfeed with pictures and posts about things they could honestly care less about so I created my own Facebook page to share my adventures.  I took a few pictures, wrote a few posts, and shared a few recipes and much to my surprise really enjoyed writing about and sharing my adventures! After the first week I thought to myself “how much more fun would this be if other people joined in the conversation to create a community where we could all share information, ideas, DIY recipes and natural life hacks!?!” so I started trying to get other followers.  I encouraged my friends and family to share my page on their timeline and invite their like-minded friends and family to “like” my page.  I shared my page in groups I was a part of and slowly but surely I started generating a few followers. But I quickly learned that Facebook’s algorithm is less than user friendly and unless you want to pay to promote your page (and I’m super cheap frugal) then your followers tend to miss most of your posts.  So I started looking for other options and landed on WordPress.  So here I am, ready for this new adventure into the Blogosphere to share my adventures with you!

A little about me and my journey so far.  I was raised by hippies so I come by my love of all things natural honestly.  When I was 3 years old my mom and dad bought a hobby farm in the middle of nowhere Alabama.  They renovated an old log cabin, planted a garden, got a dog, 3 chickens, and a handful of goats and set about to learning how to bale hay and plant soybeans!  I grew up with limited TV (if you can call 5 channels and rabbit ears television), a German Shepard for a best friend, and free reign to explore several hundred acres of fields and woodland.  I fell in love with the outdoors and thoroughly enjoyed my daily conversations with the critters that surrounded me, both domestic and wild.  I learned to shoot a gun, ride a horse, plant and harvest a garden, collect fresh chicken eggs, and identify venomous snakes and poisonous spiders. To this day, my early childhood resembles my idea of heaven! But sadly, when I was 9 years old my parents divorced and couldn’t afford to keep the farm.  So, we moved back to the city, gave away our goats and left my dog and chickens with the family friends that bought our home.  I learned to be a city girl but never did grow out of my love of the outdoors.  My later childhood was characterized by summers at the community pool, bike rides, and hiking the trails in the local state park but I started to lose touch with my inner hippy until much later.

Fast forward through the boys, the shopping, the makeup, high school and college, the engagements, the breakups, love and loss.  It wasn’t until I was very much an “adult,” owned my own home, had several rescued dogs, and had met, but not yet married, my soul-mate (who is decidedly NOT hippy, crunchy, or granola – although I’m working hard at slowly converting him! lol) that I found myself getting back in touch with my natural roots.  It all really started with the garden.  My amazing husband would do almost anything to please me so when I asked him to help me build a garden he agreed.   We got carried away and sectioned off a 400+ square foot garden space, tilled the dirt, started composting, and planted tomatoes, peppers, sugar-snap peas and a bunch of herbs.  We quickly realized that we had gotten in over our heads and couldn’t keep up with the weeding and care that it took for that size garden.  It got overgrown, eaten up by bugs, produced very little edible veggies, and eventually the dogs pushed their way through the cheap fencing and started wreaking havoc.  We tried again the following year with similar results. So rather than admit defeat we tore down the fence and decided to downsize.  We had one 8 x 8′ raised garden bed my husband had built the second year we attempted our garden so we moved it to a better location and decided to focus just on what we could grow in that small space.  We had prolific cherry tomatoes and some success with a few peppers and herbs that year so the following year we added a second raised bed, more tomatoes, more peppers, cucumbers, eggplant, squash, carrots, and sweet potatoes.  We got better at composting and started learned about organic pest control (there’s a steep learning curve that we are still on in this regard).  That same year we started recycling more, setting aside all our paper, cardboard, and glass in addition to the aluminum, steel and plastic we were already recycling and were able to reduce our household waste to only 1-2 garbage bags a week. We watched food documentaries and learned about clean eating.  We started buying as much organic meat and produce as possible at local farmer’s markets. We learned to read labels.  At this point, my husband and I had started trying to conceive and I became hyper-aware of the chemicals that we are exposed to daily through our food, cleaning, and beauty products so I set about learning how to start getting rid of all the toxic chemicals in my life.  I started researching natural ways to balance out my hormones, which had gone berserk while detoxing off 17 years of hormonal birth control.  My face had broken out like a teenager’s and no store-bought product seemed to help so I started researching natural ways to cleanse my face and treat my acne.  I started learning about essential oils.  I quit using shampoo.  And suddenly it became an obsession!

I’ve been on this journey for several years now but am by no means an expert.  I’m a wife, a mom, and a natural DIYer who is constantly learning new ways to live a more natural, chemical-free lifestyle.  I’m very much looking forward to this new path on my adventure and having a platform to share my adventures with like-minded people.  Thank you for joining me and please make sure to follow my blog, Facebook page, and Pinterest to keep up with the latest updates, DIY recipes, and ideas!

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  1. Love this! I am new to Young Living and really the “crunchy” way of life but am learning and loving it all! I look forward to more of your posts! 🙂

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