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on June 1, 2015

So I’m a little behind on the Spring Cleaning kick.  I’d love to blame my 4 1/2 month old and say that I was a stellar housekeeper (like my Mom) before she was born but that would be a lie.  Quite honestly, I’m a bit lazy (as you will see in some of my before and after photos) and just don’t enjoy cleaning.  But my crunchy journey and adventures in trying to live a more natural lifestyle have made me hyper-aware of the toxic chemicals that I expose myself, and my family, to when I do get around to cleaning.  So before we had company over for our first BBQ of the season on Memorial Day I set to learning more about how to clean my home naturally.  I’ve already shared about my love of Thieves oil (see my previous post All About Thieves) and my DIY Thieves Cleaner (find my recipe here!).  I had only used the cleaner in the bathroom at the time of writing that post and while I was impressed with its cleaning power my husband was still a bit skeptical that it would be as effective at cleaning grease and kitchen grime as it was at cleaning soap scum. I’m pleased to report that my DIY Thieves Cleaner cleaned my kitchen counters and glass top stove better than any cleaning product we’ve used recently (that includes the Clorox Green Works all purpose cleaner – remember how I told you I tended to get caught up in sketchy advertising for “natural” products – and Greased Lightning – which is wonderful at cleaning but has super scary warnings on it “THIS MATERIAL IS HAZARDOUS UNDER THE CRITERIA OF THE FEDERAL OSHA HAZARD COMMUNICATION STANDARD 29CFR 1910.1200.”). My DIY Thieves Cleaner even passed muster with the hubby when he got home! Winning!

So, inspired by the success of my DIY Thieves Cleaner I set out to find other natural, non-toxic, chemical free ways to clean my home, which I’ll be sharing with you throughout the week.  In the process, I’ve discovered that I have a new favorite essential oil: Lemon!!!



Lemon essential oil is a wonderful addition to your non-toxic cleaners because of its ability to deodorize, cut through grease, eliminate hard water stains, remove sticky residue, even to clean crayon off your walls!!!

Other all natural cleaning ingredients you’ll want to have on hand as you follow my Summer Cleaning recipes this week are Distilled White Vinegar (DWV) and Baking Soda.  See my post 5 “Must-Have” Ingredients for why I love these two, among others!

Don’t have Thieves oil or don’t want to make your own cleaner? Young Living has a Thieves cleaner already made! It’s pre-diluted and only a capful or two will make an entire spray bottle! Available in 14.4 or 64 oz sizes.  Order yours here!



Stay tuned this week for my daily updates on ways you can clean your home naturally (without toxic chemicals) this summer!!!