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on February 17, 2017

Have you registered for the Slique in 60 Challege yet??? I just pushed my Essential Rewards order through with my qualifying kit and registered today!!!

Admittedly I started struggling with my health and fitness commitment in mid-January.  I had been overindulging in coffee at work in the mornings and using artificially flavored, super sweet creamer that I’m pretty sure re-ignited my sugar addiction.  I had several binge eating episodes in the evenings after putting my daughter to sleep and was starting to feel pretty down on myself.  So on February 5, after taking a weekend to reset, I recommitted to my goals and got back on track with clean eating and following my exercise routine. That same week I had been hearing a lot of buzz about the amazing results people were having with Young Living’s Slique in 60 Challenge that had started in January so I decided to look into joining the second round of the challenge that begins next month! I’m super stoked about recommitting myself to a 60-day program to help shed these last few pounds before our beach trip in May and I love that I can trust Young Living’s products to be all natural with no artificial colors, flavors, preservatives or GMO ingredients!  The Slique shake is even a Vegan formula!  How awesome is that!?!

The new Slique in 60 Challenge starts on Monday, March 13, 2017 so read on to find out how you can join to help reach your weight management goals!

It’s super easy to get started with the Slique in 60 Challenge!


Step 1: Commit to Your Weight Management Plan

Any successful weight management program will require a commitment to a healthy nutrition and exercise plan.  This can vary greatly depending on your current eating habits and energy levels.  When I first started my fitness journey a year ago it was pretty much just mindful eating, portion control and getting out walking on my lunch break.  You can read more about my 2016 Fitness Journey here!

Step 2: Choose Your Slique Kit

I love that Young Living has offered several qualifying kits for the challenge to match any budget as well as a limited edition Slique Premium Starter Kit for new members to take advantage of this amazing opportunity as well!  Check them out below!

Limited Edition Slique Premium Starter Kit (for NEW Members Only)

Available February 1–March 13 for $380

Combines the Basic Starter Kit with the Slique Complete System.  In this amazing kit you will receive TWO packages of Slique Shakes, TWO packages of Slique CitraSlim, TWO packages of Slique Tea, one bottle of Slique Essence, FOUR package of Slique Bars (6 pack), FIVE packages of Slique gum (8 count)  plus a 5 ml bottle of Stress Away essential oil blend and 2 NingXia Red individual serving pouches for you to try!  If you’re not a member of Young Living yet, check out how you can get the Slique Premium Starter Kit and get other amazing Young Living products at Wholesale pricing here!

Slique Complete

$342 Wholesale

The Slique complete is the ultimate collection for those who wish to invest in their health and wellness.  Take advantage of the powerful combination of Slique Shakes with fat-burning benefits of the new Slique CitraSlim capsules!  It contains TWO packages of Slique Shakes, TWO packages of Slique CitraSlim, TWO packages of Slique Tea, one bottle of Slique Essence, FOUR package of Slique Bars (6 pack), and FIVE packages of Slique Gum (8 count) for a full 30-day supply!

Slique Advanced

$179.50 Wholesale

Slique Advanced is a great way to try out Young Living’s new Slique CitraSlim capsules as well as some of their other great products in the Slique line!  This kit includes one package of Slique CitraSlim, one package of Slique Tea, 1 package of Slique Shakes, 3 packages of Slique Gum (8 count), 1 bottle of Slique Essence and two packages of Slique Bars (6 pack)!

Slique Assist

$102.75 Wholesale

Just need a little help slimming down or not quite ready to invest in one of the bigger kits?  Then the Slique Assist is for you!  In this kit you will receive one package new Slique CitraSlim, one package of Slique Tea, three packages of Slique Gum (8 count), and 1 bottle of Slique Essence!

Slique Maintain

$64.00 Wholesale

The Slique Maintain kit is ideal for those who can’t afford the larger investment or who want to put together their own customized package by purchasing other Slique products individually in addition to this basic kit!  This kit contains 1 package of the new Slique CitraSlim and 1 bottle of Slique Essence essential oil blend.

Step 3: Set a SMART Goal

Ever heard of a SMART Goal? It’s a creative acronym to help you set goals that are clearly defined so you can focus your efforts on meeting them.  SMART goals are:

SPECIFIC –  A well-written goal needs to be specific.  Rather than saying you’ll “exercise more” think about what you are willing to do to reach your goal, are you willing to commit to 30 minutes a day to exercise? Rather than saying you’ll “eat healthier” define how you will do so. For example, you might say you will cut out all sugar and soda, or stick to a 500 calorie deficit, or follow a specific diet plan.

MEASURABLE – Good goals need to be measurable.  How are you going to determine you have met your goal?  Maybe you’ll track your exercise in a journal or app, use My Fitness Pal or another app to track calories, or measure weight loss with a scale or inches lost.

ACCOUNTABLE – We all need accountability partners when goal-setting.  How are you going to hold yourself accountable?  Sharing your goals with a friend or loved one is a great way to hold yourself accountable to your goal.  I have a lovely spinoff of my online mommy group that is on Facebook and we post daily our progress towards meeting our fitness goals.  If you join the Slique in 60 Challenge, you’ll have the opportunity to join the exclusive Young Living Slique in 60 Challenge Facebook group as well! Winning!

REALISTIC – Setting a realistic goal is also super important.  You don’t want to set yourself up for failure by trying to achieve a goal that is unrealistic.  For example, it’s incredibly unlikely (and unhealthy) to say you’re going to lose 50 pounds in 60 days.  But setting a goal of maybe 10 pounds might be more realistic.  If you don’t exercise at all, going to the gym 5 days a week to do full-body weights and cardio would be too much but simply getting out and taking a brisk 30 minute walk every day may be more your speed.

TIMEFRAME – And lastly, a good goal needs to be time-limited.  Set yourself a deadline to measure your progress.  In the case of the Slique in 60 Challenge, this is already done for you! 🙂

My SMART Goal for the Slique in 60 Challenge is “to reduce body fat and work towards my goal weight of 135 pounds through clean and mindful eating, calorie tracking and continuing my exercise routine for 60 days as evidenced by before/after pictures, weight lost on the scale and inches lost all over my body.”

What’s your SMART Goal fot the Slique in 60 Challenge?  I’d love to hear it!  If you’re brave, share it in the comments below!

Step 4: Evaluate Your Progress

Young Living suggests that you check in daily with their exclusive Slique in 60 Challenge Facebook group and keep a video journal to help maintain motivation by regularly assessing your progress towards your goal!  You could also keep a written journal, start a blog or take regular pictures to track your progress!

Did Someone Say PRIZES!?!

In addition to the increased confidence and self-esteem you will get from challenging yourself and meeting your weight management goals, Young Living is also giving away some awesome prizes for just completing the challenge and to those who have the biggest transformations! Check them out:

Individuals who complete the challenge will get:

  • A Slique in 60 dri-fit shirt; $20–$30 estimated retail value (ERV)
  • A limited-edition Slique in 60 pin

Individuals who set and achieve their personal goals will get:

  • 10 percent off their next purchase of Slique products (in addition to the 10 percent discount already offered on Slique collections)

60-day challenge—12 winners (one male and one female from each of the 3 age groups for each 60 day challenge) with the largest transformations based on total inches and pounds lost will get:

Combined 120-day challenge—6 winners (one male and one female from each of the 3 age groups for the combined 120 day challenge) with the largest transformations based on total inches and pounds lost will get:

Ready to Join?

There you have it! What would you invest for 60 days if it meant that you could lose that unwanted weight and commit to a healthier lifestyle???  I don’t know about you, but to me, that’s priceless!  So what are you waiting for?  Join me for the Slique in 60 Challenge now!!!


You can get more information and register for the Slique in 60 Challenge here:


Note: These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. I am an aromatherapy student but I am not a medical doctor. Products and techniques mentioned here are to help support your specific areas of concern and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Information here is in no way intended to replace proper medical help. Consult with the health authorities of your choice for treatment.

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